Huck 57: The Documentary Photo Special IV

Huck 57: The Documentary Photo Special IV

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Out now — Huck's annual celebration of visual storytelling returns, shining a light on photographers exploring never-ending truths.

As investigative journalism continues to be rolled back, photographers are under greater pressure than ever to get in, get the angle and get out.

The time and space needed to scratch beneath the surface of a story is becoming increasingly rare.

Some photographers, though, refuse to give in. They’re ready to invest whatever it takes to dig deep and follow stories as they unfold over years, tackling issues so ingrained that they’re dismissed as givens.

In this issue, we focus on storytellers chasing the bigger picture by exploring never-ending truths.

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Alex Webb – Where the Light Leads
Magnum photographer Alex Webb has absorbed the world, catching cinematic moments that make time stand still. Now he’s ready to focus that intuition on the everyday scenes that he calls home.

The Long Run by Olivier Laurent
Meet the photographers who know that the only way to represent the truth is to stick with a story for a lifetime… and beyond.

Lynsey Addario – Larger Than Me
Photojournalist Lynsey Addario has risked her life to document war and crisis around the world. She’s witnessed death and been kidnapped more than once, but has never found a reason to put her camera down.

Stacy Kranitz – Imagined Truth
Across Appalachia, Stacy Kranitz is embedding herself into the frame, turning strangers into lovers, subjects into friends, and exploding the myth that photography can share objective truths.

Ruddy Roye – When Living is a Protest
By chronicling the everyday reality of black Americans, Ruddy Roye tells stories of invisibility – blending despair with signs of hope – while reflecting a little piece of himself in every image.

Robin Hammond – Where Love is Illegal
When Robin Hammond started documenting LGBTI people on their own terms, he found himself segueing from photographer to activist. Now he’s using storytelling to expose oppression.

Per-Anders Pettersson – African Catwalk
After forging a career documenting a cycle of hard news, Per-Anders Pettersson fell in love with Africa’s flourishing fashion industry, rekindling his affection for positive stories that often go unseen.

Daniel Zvereff – The Endless Search

Thirty-year-old Daniel Zvereff has spent most of his life travelling the world without a plan, let alone a safety net, using photography to explore the unknown.

Mark Steinmetz – Timeless Transitions
Mark Steinmetz has built a career playing the long game: focusing on everyday life, biding his time until patterns start to emerge. But in documenting adolescence, the photographer found that some things never change.

CJ Clarke – Magic Party Place
Over the course of a slow and steady decade, a period marked by static change, CJ Clarke has found his way to the roots of Brexit Britain.

Dominic Nahr – The Fallout
Five years on from the nuclear disaster in Japan, with the people of Fukushima still fending for themselves, Dominic Nahr is seeking answers in a cloud of confusion.

Andres Gonzalez – Social Studies
From the vaulted archives that memorialise mass shootings, Andres Gonzalez is piecing together a picture of America’s violent past.

Emine Gozde Sevim – Homeland Delirium
The fire of protest is burning strong in Turkey, where a younger generation are refusing to be silent. But as Emine Gozde Sevim finds, the drive for a life of freedom extends beyond boundaries.

Kyle Weeks – OvaHimba Youth
The rifts of Namibia’s colonial past still dictate what stories get told and by who. But when Kyle Weeks offered his camera to the indigenous Himba, it subverted a long-standing power dynamic to reveal a hidden identity.

Poulomi Basu – Fighting Patriarchy
Indian storyteller Poulomi Basu is bringing violence against women out into the light to expose the deep, insidious roots of the systems we all live by.

Christopher Bethell – The Duke of Earl
Growing up in England, Christopher Bethell invented a life for a grandfather he’d never met. But after a transformative road-trip across the US, he uncovered another reality.

Sacha Lecca – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
An obsessive drive to capture gigs has given Sacha Lecca unique insight into what makes live music special: chaos, intimacy and a creative force that will never be silenced.

Victoria Sambunaris – Taxonomy of a Landscape
Victoria Sambunaris has been living out of her car for 16 years, chasing ever-shifting visions of the American frontier.

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