Huck's Best of the Week

Huck's Best of the Week

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Photography, Art and Punk — Ed Templeton on photography, art celebrates skate and punk on film.

This week we’ve got the second part of the Ed Templeton Scrapbook video series, three artists celebrating the links between art and skate, and Christopher Makos’ early punk photography in White Trash Uncut.


The Ed Templeton Scrapbook Part Two: Capture

In the second chapter of our new three part video series The Ed Templeton Scrapbook, chronicler of Southern California life Ed Templeton explains how photography has changed the way he looks at the world.

It’s Just A Ride

Pedro Oyarbide

Pedro Oyarbide

Three emerging artists take their illustration skills to work on a series of limited edition prints, t-shirts and one-off longboards to celebrate the bonds between art and skate culture in It’s Just A Ride, a collaboration between A Public Nuisance and

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White Trash Uncut



Christopher Makos released White Trash in 1977, right at the moment this refreshing new movement was bursting out of London and New York. The book was the first major photographic document of the NYC scene, helping reveal who was punk and what punk looked like – all while the paint was still drying on the word punk.

With White Trash Uncut, Makos has reawakened his original work and republished the book with the benefit of four decades hindsight – adding a number of significant people to the already packed roster of icons included in the original publication.

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