Igor Termenón

Igor Termenón

My Life In Stills — Spanish photographer and creator of Girls/Boys On Film 'zines Igor Termenón shares some of his serene stills.

Igor Termenón is a Spanish photographer currently based in Scotland. As well as editing contemporary photography ‘zine Girls/Boys on Film, which has been featured in global press – from Elle Girl Korea to Dazed & Confused and It’s Nice That – he’s also the managing editor of Future Positive, a website that features video interviews and photo essays of creatives from all around the world.

Like the shoegaze bands – My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Pale Saints – that has inspired some of his video art, Igor’s images have a meditative and serene quality that says as much about the man behind the lens as the composition in the viewfinder. Focusing on urban and natural landscapes as well as backs of heads, hands and domestic details, Igor has developed a body of work that is all ‘show don’t tell’ and leaves you wanting more. We caught up with the talented shooter to find out more.

When/why did you start shooting pictures?
I started taking photos during my second year at university. I studied Engineering so I guess I wanted to do something parallel which was more creative. I started with fashion photography, first shooting my friends and after a couple of years working with model agencies and stylists. Now I still do fashion although I’ve spent more time during the past few years on my personal work.

What cameras do you use and what do you like about them?
I use compact film cameras most of the time. I currently shoot both my personal and fashion work with a Contax T2. I like its size and how practical it is to carry with you – and of course the results are great! I really hate when I have to take a massive digital SLR with me for some commissions.

What things/subjects/locations are you drawn to in your photography?
Natural light is a great part of my photography, especially in my portraits. I’m also attracted to suburban areas and brutalist architecture, especially since I moved to the UK four years ago.

How would you describe your photography style?
Simple and relaxed.

Who/what inspires your work? Any other photographers?
I find inspiration in music and films, especially for my fashion shoots. I’m also attracted to the work of photographers like Tim Barber or Cass Bird, although they’re more a reference to me personally because I don’t think my work has anything to do with theirs.

What do you do for a living and how does photography fit into your life?
I work full time in digital marketing. I’m in charge of planning the content strategies for different types of clients and for creating some of that content. Sometimes I get to shoot some stuff at work, although photography is mainly something I do in my free time. I also edit a photography ‘zine called Girls on Film and I’m the managing editor of Future Positive – a website featuring creative and entrepreneurial projects – so I still get to be even more involved with photography.

How do you share your work? ‘Zines, books, exhibitions, blog etc?
I’ve done a personal zine before with photos from my series “I Used to Live Here” and I think it is one of the best ways to curate your own work and show it to other people. I have another ‘zine project in mind, which I hope to develop next year. I also use Tumblr as a random diary, where I post both my personal and fashion work.

And what’s the editing process like for you? Are you trying to tell stories with your images?
When I’m shooting fashion I always try to tell a story, so the order and selection of images is a really important part of the process for me. My personal work is mainly documentary so I guess all the photos tell a story themselves, although most of the times it’s just me who knows the story behind them. I like to keep it that way and create some mystery around them.

Are your photos staged/posed or documentary?
As I mentioned before, almost all of my personal work is documentary. There are some staged elements when I work on personal projects with people but they’re minor. I used to do more staged shoots but I think I’m getting better at being more spontaneous and shooting without really thinking about it.

How do you hope viewers respond/engage with your photography?
I hope they find some inspiration in it and I also hope they want to know more about those stories behind the photos.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to find more time for photography. Weekends aren’t enough!

You can check out more of Igor’s work on his tumblr.