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Huck x Element — Element riders Brandon Westgate, Nassim Guammaz and Dominick Walker shred through Vancouver, Canada in a killer promo for Fall collection, Keep Discovering.

As a chill descends across the Northern Hemisphere, its no excuse to stop exploring.

The Keep Discovering theme of Element’s Fall 2016 collection is engineered to inspire new discoveries and new learning through the avenues of skateboarding, art, music, contemporary subcultures and the outdoors.


Featuring Element riders Brandon Westgate, Nassim Guammaz and Dominick Walker, the promo shot in Vancouver, Canada captures the Keep Discovering vibe perfectly.

The collection touches all three of Element’s core bases: military, workwear and athletic outdoor. After 25 years in the game, Element continue to stay true to their skateboarding roots and to highlight this connection they have announced a string of new collaborations, including with artists Kai & Sunny, pro-skater Brandon Westgate and OG skating legend Ray Barbee.


Find out more about Element’s Keep Discovering collection.

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