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Friends, fins, and folklore — Easkey Britton and Fergal Smith feature in Finisterre’s dreamy new surf short Féileacán (And The Lost Weekend).

“The fact that everybody in the world dreams every night ties all mankind together,” Beat prophet Jack Kerouac once said.

These words were on the minds of Easkey Britton, Noah Lane, Matt Smith, Sandy Kerr and Fergal Smith as they set out to shoot Finisterre’s dreamy new surf short.

Féileacán (pronounced fell-er-kun), is the Irish word for Butterfly. Its precise meaning, however, is somewhat elusive; for as well as meaning butterfly, it also refers to the brightness or lightning of the Gods, and to the magical flame of fire.
What is known is that in Irish folklore, it was believed that butterflies could readily pass through the veil between this world and the magical realm.

Directed by Chris McClean Féileacán – (And The Lost Weekend), features the Finisterre ambassadors embarking on a weekend Irish surf trip that drifts seamlessly between the realms of fantasy and reality.

Find out more about Finisterre’s Féileacán – (And The Lost Weekend).

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