New shoe collaboration — Skateboarding characters spring to life in new collaboration between Nike SB and London-based artist James Jarvis.
  • Text by HUCK HQ

London-based illustrator James Jarvis saw skateboarding in Thrasher before he saw it in real life. According to a new video by Nike SB, it was like discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The video, which celebrates Jarvis’ new shoe with Nike SB, digs into the artist’s relationship with skate culture and how it has given rise to his iconic cartoonish style.

According to Jarvis: “I didn’t want to reference the hammers. I wanted to ask, what is skateboarding? What do I love about skateboarding? And my take on skateboarding is that it’s a philosophy. If you skateboard, suddenly the world is a different place. It’s a different view of the world.”

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The Nike SB x James Jarvis collab is available online and in stores now.