Son of the Screaming Hand — Check out this video profile of Jimbo Philips, one of the twenty artists and photographers involved in transatlantic skate art initiative the LB Project.

Jimbo Philips grew up in the shadow of the Screaming Hand – the iconic skate graphic his father Jim first drew for Santa Cruz three decades ago. As he watched his father toil over graphics that would go down in history, Jimbo was told to go to college or become a dentist – there’s no money in art, Jim senior said.

But the influence was too great to shake off, and now Jimbo Philips is an artist in his own right. He’s one of ten artists participating in the LB Project, a transatlantic art initiative that aims to bind the skate community together and raise funds for the Harold Hunter Foundation and Skateistan.

Alongside the ten artists, ten skate photographers including Brian Gaberman and Ben Colen will each create original images over five blank decks, which will then be auctioned, with the proceeds going to the supported charities. Stay locked for more videos in which we meet the artists and photographers involved.

Find out more about the LB Project.