Joe Castrucci

Joe Castrucci

Things That Inspire Me — The rad visionary behind Habitat skateboards Joe Castrucci launches an Etsy store and shares his artistic inspirations.

Joe Castrucci is an artist and filmmaker based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up skating and cut his artistic teeth team managing, filming and designing for Alien Workshop – creating iconic film Photosynthesis renowned for its creative use of Super 8 and 16mm film, stills and detailed titling. In 1999 Joe co-founded a Workshop offshoot, Habitat Skateboards, and at the helm of the Habitat ship he’s nurtured a bright, bold and rootsy aesthetic through a rad team and distinct graphics, producing the beautiful and meditative Mosaic in 2003.

Joe continues to make classic skate films – like Inhabitants in 2007 – and The Berrics recently made Portfolio, a diptych of videos about his prolific artistic output. He recently launched an Etsy store where he sells original prints, canvasses and stained-glass hangings so we caught up with the talented midwesterner to find out what inspires his everyday making and creating.

Things That Inspire Me

by Joe Castrucci

Urban Planning
I like well designed cities and parks. The combination of community, nature, commerce, and people inspire me. This is my favorite part about Europe. I like the mix of color and texture within these spaces and how it all ages.

The Natural World
Plants and wildlife are timeless and authentic inspiration. Hiking and observing nature are my favorite things to do.

Mid-century Design Aesthetics
1950s-1980’s Pre-computer graphic design is forever inspiring. I love the creativity and design wit to takes to convert  a real object or image into a simplified 2-d illustration. Computers have made the job easier but it’s still the same principle, making images with a solid persona and aesthetic with minimal lines.

I love the innocence and simplicity of my kids as well as the memories of my childhood. I think the best designs have a touch of wonder in them. I have always been inspired by Jim Henson and others, people who aren’t afraid to stay in touch with their youth and curiosity of the world.

I have been really lucky with my work with Habitat. We have travelled the world for the past 15 years. It’s amazing to see how human beings design their environments globally. Seeing the different architecture, art, flora, and fauna is exhilarating.

You can see more of Joe’s work and buy it on his Etsy store.