Joining the Dots with Gary Inman and Gemma Harrison

Joining the Dots with Gary Inman and Gemma Harrison

A Huck Podcast — Joining the Dots is a new Huck podcast. Each week DJ, filmmaker and subcultural superstar Don Letts sits down with a new guest to discuss their life and work. This week, Gary Inman, editor of Sideburn Magazine, and Gemma Harrison of VC London sit down with Don to talk bike culture.

Recorded in Don Letts’ creative bunker at the bottom of his West London garden, Joining the Dots traces the way artists, athletes, activists, and subcultures have interacted across decades and continents without even realising.

In this week’s episode of Joining the Dots, our host Don Letts sits down with Gemma Harrison, of VC London, and Gary Inman, editor of Sideburn Magazine. Emma and Gary are at the heart of the burgeoning alt.biker scene – an inclusive, open-minded generation of people redefining what it means to ride a motorcycle. Careworn clichés and the tired macho tropes of biker culture are being replaced with a simple love of riding – and the crew explore all the colours of this liberating new scene.

Across the course of this first season, Don sat down to talk with guests as diverse as photographer Guy Martin, skater and artist Ed Templeton, big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, and emerging musician Georgia.

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