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Anything will be possible — O’Neill sits down with one of the best surfers in the world, Jordy Smith, for his thoughts on the future of the sport.

“Surfing has become a serious sport, you really can’t afford to slip up,” explains pro Jordy Smith. “Guys are riding bigger waves than ever. Guys are landing 540s with no straps on. I guarantee you ten years ago they would have told you it was absolutely impossible.”

Currently sitting in the top five of the World Surf League, Jordy is as well placed as anyone to reflect on the future of competitive surfing. O’Neill caught up with Jordy on the runway of Honolulu, Hawaii during December’s Triple Crown to hear his thoughts as part of their Unreasonable campaign.

Jordy sees competition hotting up in the years to come, as surfers from all corners of the globe throw down the gauntlet, training harder and harder to push the boundaries higher with every passing year.

“Where will it go?” Jody reflects. “I think that anything will be possible.”

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