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Kendal Mountain Festival 2017 — Taking place between November 16-19 this year, the Kendal Mountain Festival promises a range of films, talks and arts events catered for all outdoor enthusiasts.

The Kendal Mountain Festival, happening this year in the beautiful Lake District town between November 16-19, is drawing together the best films, speakers and tech presentations for one of the most important cultural events of the outdoor calendar.

Celebrating a diverse mix of arts and covering the wide genre of outdoor culture, the festival provides a platform for new thinking, adventurous imagination and creativity; changing perceptions and inspiring people to get out there and engage with the local environment.

The International Outdoor Film Festival sits at the heart of proceedings. It’s a diverse a programme of film screenings and talks celebrating outdoor culture – from feats of endurance to stripped down alpine athleticism.

Running alongside the film festival is a celebration of Mountain Literature, and this year’s list of guest speakers includes the renowned climber Tommy Caldwell, world-record endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont, adventurer and presenter Steve Backshall, and Jenny Tough, who recently a ran a world first 1000km, solo and unsupported across the High Atlas Mountains.

Kendal is increasingly becoming one of the focal points of an environmentally focussed, adventure-first gathering of people from all over the broad spectrum of outdoor culture.

Kendal Mountain Festival runs from November 16 to 19.

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