What to look out for this September during Design Week at 71a

What to look out for this September during Design Week at 71a

Honing your craft — To coincide with the London Design Festival, our very own 71a Gallery will be holding it's first annual Design Week this September in our East London creative hub. From GIF workshops to networking tips, make sure you head on down.

To coincide with the London Design Festival, 71a is hosting a week of talks, workshops and masterclasses delivered by some of the finest minds in the industry, at the inaugural Design Week at 71a.

This week of events will be a perfect opportunity for those students and graduates looking to get a foot in the door, as well as those hoping to perfect and hone a craft that’s been years in the making. There’ll be chances to interact with some of the world’s top creatives, and opportunities for emerging talent to showcase their work in front of agencies and creative directors.

“We want to give an insight to younger artists, illustrators and designers of what to expect while entering the industry, the hurdles that they have to jump,” says Timba Smits, the award-winning creative director of Huck and Little White Lies.

“We will share little secrets and tricks about how to streamline certain processes and how to influence other people.”

The week of events kicks off on 19 September 2016, with a three-hour workshop in stop-motion animation from the acclaimed London-based creative studio, Andersen M.

On Tuesday, Timba will present a class on the creative ingenuity it takes to create a cover illustration for the award-winning film magazine Little White Lies.

“I have many illustrators and designers contacting me on a daily basis hoping to have their work featured in either Huck or Little White Lies,” he says. “This workshop will open up what it takes to create something that transcends the normal approaches to do your work.”

“It’s a real behind-the-scenes look at how we dissect films and extract ideas and concepts from themes, characters and plots, before boiling it all down into something that not only sums up a two-hour long film but the magazine itself into one simple graphic. It’s a journey from A to B, from a sketch on a napkin to a finished piece of art.”


Jelly Kitchen – part of leading design agency Jelly London – will also present a GIF workshop on the various styles and techniques necessary to create high-quality web content.

Other highlights include a hands-on guide to drawing using digital tablets by renowned illustrator Dan Mumford, as well as Illustration Unplugged with Miss Led: a thorough guide to developing an original style from artist and illustrator Joanna Henly.

The week comes to a close with How to Make Friends and Influence Art Directors, where Timba will reveal what art directors are looking for in budding illustrators and how best to make a name for yourself in an over-saturated industry of creative talent.

“It’s very important for an artist to think outside themselves,” says Timba. “This is all about how you should think how your work impacts other people, and how you can develop it even further.”

Check out the full line-up for Design Week at 71a, which runs from the 19 – 24 September 2016.

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