Stirrings in the desert heat — Short doc Marfa: This Must Be The Place chronicles the artistic renaissance blowing up in the middle of the West Texas desert.

There’s something happening in Marfa, Texas. Filmmaker Larry Clark caught whiff of the offbeat vibes and decided to set his teen drama Marfa there in 2012.

But in recent years, the tiny town in the middle of the desert has blown up to become a fully-fledged creative mecca.

Directed by Nathan Henry of ALCHEMYcreative, Marfa: This Must Be The Place gets under the skin of this unexpected artistic renaissance.

Artists have long been inspired by Marfa, but artist Donald Judd moved to the area in the early ’70s and bought up a group of buildings including the its abandoned military base, he helped kickstart a movement that has seen the town transformed.

Today, Marfa is a place where ranch hands live alongside experimental artists and huge outdoor art installations sit next to trailer parks.

With more and more artists finding refuge in the desert town, Marfa’s mythical status as a creative hotspot looks set to grow and grow.

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