Huck x Levi's Skateboarding: Going Slow Sucks — In the first video to celebrate our annual Skateboarding Special, in collaboration with Levi's Skateboarding, we follow Finnish skater Marius Syvanen around the personal spots that have made San Diego home.

To celebrate the launch of our Skateboarding Special Volume II, in collaboration with Levi’s Skateboarding, we visited Finnish skateboarder Marius Syvanen, in his adopted hometown San Diego, and got a whistle-stop tour of all his personal favourite spots.

If Marius’ name doesn’t give away his Nordic roots, his blonde hair and piercing blue eyes are an obvious nod to the country he grew up in until the age of five. “My parents moved here for work back then and we were meant to stay one year. It’s been twenty now,” he laughs. Not that he’s complaining. San Diego, and the US skate scene, has given him a life that would have been hard to come by back in his native land.

In this video, directed and shot by Jesse Cain and Jake Magee, Marius shows us the corners of his adopted hometown that have helped him along a prolific skateboarding career and the passions and interests that keep him progressing.

You can find The Skateboarding Special at select skate stores around the world and a selection of stories and videos inspired by the issue will be published at over the next month.