Five Rad Spots — The Nixon Europe skate team hit Sicily in a big way. We've got their awesome video and five favourite spots on the Mediterranean isle right here.

As winter descends over Europe and the best street spots are blanketed by rain or snow, Sicily is one of the last places to hold onto some semblance of skate-friendly weather. The picturesque island in the centre of the Mediterranean is also one of the last undiscovered skate paradises. With that in mind, Nixon gathered together a continental crew – Alex Mizurov (Germany), Alain Goikoetxea (Basque Country), Denny Pham (Germany), JB Gillet (France), Antony Lopez (France) and Javier Sarmiento (Spain) – threw them under the gaze of French photographer Kévin Métallier, rented a villa outside the coastal town of Catania, and set about exploring what the island had to offer in way of concrete landmass.

Over two weeks in October, the Nixon crew hit every corner of the island, taking in ancient cities and tourist-friendly beaches, all under the shadow of Mount Etna, the active volcano that dominates the vista. Travelling is all about discovery, relying on your instincts to find hidden treasures. And seeking out the possibilities of new environments, as Kévin explains, is what skateboarders do best. “We view places through a unique lens, looking at cities, urban landscape and architecture in a wholly different way,” he says. “I don’t think you find many tourists who get fascinated by sets of stairs, street gaps or handrails.”

Mauro Caruso, a Sicilian skater and gatekeeper to the ancient isle’s dopest spots guided them on their voyage of discovery through one of Europe’s most beautiful but still largely unknown skate destinations. Here he shares his five favourite skating and chilling spots with Huck.

Rad Spot #1: Vucciria

Vucciria is the colourful old market district in the heart of Palermo where you can scout great fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. For Mauro, “It’s one of most the typically Sicilian places to go and the best area to go out at night in Palermo.”

Rad Spot #2: Modica

Nestled in the mountains, Modica is a breathtaking town famous for its amazing chocolate. It also has some super sweet skate spots hidden among the churches, cathedrals and castles that dot the hillside.

Rad Spot #3: Syracuse

The ancient city of Syracuse has seen numerous great empires come and go but now cries out to be explored by skaters. Mauro says, “It’s got everything, great food, you can skate and it’s close to the beach.”

Rad Spot 4#: Noto

Noto is a stunning Baroque city close to Sicily’s east coast that is surrounded by some of the most unspoilt landscape on the island. Mauro recommends heading out of town, into the nature reserve, then “go through the forest and eventually you get to a beach and which is just insane.”

Rad Spot #5: Taormina

Forever fixed under Mount Etna’s fiery gaze, Taormina is one of Sicily’s most spectacular ancient cities. The age of its streets and squares means you can’t skate there, but Mauro advises a visit, if only for the incredible ice cream.

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