NYC skate shooter Pep Kim on feeling out of his comfort zone every day

NYC skate shooter Pep Kim on feeling out of his comfort zone every day

Adventure Pop Quiz — South Korean photographer Pep Kim has documented New York City’s skate scene with a fresh, outsider’s perspective since arriving from South Korea.

In Huck’s Adventure Issue we joined up with a motley crew of headstrong characters to explore uncharted territory.

We learned that adventure means a whole load of different things to different people, from a polar expedition for explorer Ben Saunders to seeing New York City through an outsider’s eyes for skate photographer Pep Kim.

With the Adventure Pop Quiz, we’re reaching out to people from the issue and others from Huck’s world to find out more about what adventure means to them and where their hunger for new experiences has taken them.

Here, Pep describes how living in the States takes him out of his comfort zone every day but the birth of his daughter was a totally incomparable experience.

What do you picture when you hear the word ‘adventure’?
A motorcycle roadtrip.

What did adventure mean to you when you were a kid?
Can’t remember. But my youth was full of excitement.

What does adventure mean to you now?
Exploring New York City.

When was the last time you felt completely out of your comfort zone?
As a stranger in the States, I feel out of my comfort zone everyday. It’s getting a lot better though.

When were you last scared?

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
I spent two weeks road tripping along the East Coast of Korea when I was 21, with 50,000 won (about $45) in my pocket. Sleeping on the beach, road & train stations, hitch hiking, getting kicked out of old temples, etc.

Who is the most adventurous person you know?
Patrik Wallner. He’s my good buddy and travels all around the world for his own skate projects.

If your life was an adventure novel, what would the title be?
The boy who wished to be a professional soccer player.

When was the last time you saw something completely new for the first time?
When my first daughter was born.

How do you bring adventure into your everyday life?
Meeting new people. Asking questions. Being a friend to them.

Complete the sentence: A life without adventure is…..?

If you were on a yoga retreat, or in therapy, and were told to picture ‘your happy place’, what would it look like?
A beach on Jeju Island.

What in life gets your adrenalin pumping?
Family, photography, soccer, skateboarding.

If you had to walk around the world, what would you carry in your backpack?
Passport, credit card, Leica CL, rolls of film, notebook, pen, clothing, pairs of socks and underwear.

What book / film / song makes you wanna go an adventure?
Motorcycle Diaries.

What’s the one thing on your bucket list you’ve never told anyone about before?

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