The all-female bike crews taking over our streets

The all-female bike crews taking over our streets

Rebellious therapy — In 1896, women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony proclaimed the bicycle as the “greatest feminist technology of its time”. Now it's the motorbike's turn.

“Ovaries so big we don’t need balls” is the motto of Ovarian Psycos, an all-women troop of cyclists reclaiming the streets of LA. The use of bikes stems from the feeling of being “free of all the bullshit that has us locked into this matrix of consumption, free of obstacles that get in the way of our ability to navigate.”

For Huck 55 – the Freaked Out Issue, Daniel Dylan Wray immerses himself in the lives of this deeply connected family who’re fighting back against oppression.

More and more progressive collectives – void of Y-chromosomes – are popping up, making it a salient time for girl-power to claim the biker gang throne. Here are five all-female posses banding together over the power of motorbikes.


Hailing from India, home to the moped, Bikerni are one of the many women-only groups taking possession of their half of the road.

Gathering more than 100 members since 2012, this humble group of petrol heads are assuming the driver’s seat, squashing any question of who’s in charge.

Caramel Curves

Oozing with attitude, this no-nonsense group make the Hells Angels look like goody-goodies.

Indulging in the adrenaline-filled side of motorcycle culture, Caramel Curves believes in camaraderie and confidence, while owning your sexuality and staying as far away from men as possible on the road.


Described as “real housewives at 100 miles per hour” these women are balancing their careers, families and their addiction to the road.

The Hurricane Biker girls of San Diego are all about empowerment, proving that stay-at-home moms can handle the danger of competitive racing.

Bosozuku Girls

This notorious group are famed for contradicting the stereotype of young Japanese women, dreaming of a simple life supported by a strong suitor. These women represents the new generation of Japanese outlaws – The Bosozuku Girls.

On the run from authority since the 1990s, being caught even wearing one these kamikaze attack uniforms will get you arrested.

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