The fabulous NHS nurses demanding to be paid fairly

The fabulous NHS nurses demanding to be paid fairly

Scrap the cap — A real terms 14 per cent pay cut for these modern day heroes really isn't cool.

As the first Prime Minister’s Questions after the long summer recess kicked off inside the House of Commons, just outside the Palace of Westminster this afternoon it was all kicking off too.

Hundreds of nurses converged on Parliament today to demand an end to the 1% public sector pay cap, the latest step in a summer filled with actions led by members of the Royal College of Nursing to have this policy scrapped. The representative body for nurses in the UK says that seven years of tight pay caps have resulted in a real terms pay cut of 14% for the medics on the frontline of the National Health Service.

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On the grass of Parliament Square, healthcare professionals and their supporters piled on the pressure, as across the road Theresa May was forced to defend an unclear position on the pay cap which has come under increasing scrutiny. Outside however union officials made it clear members may well soon be balloted for strike action.

Photographer Theo McInnes headed down to the protest to capture the action.

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