Photos from Brighton’s spirited ‘Kill The Bill’ protests

Photos from Brighton’s spirited ‘Kill The Bill’ protests

No more police powers — Over the weekend, hundreds of people attended protests in Bristol and Brighton against a controversial policing bill ahead of it being debated in the Commons this week. Photographer Andy Nall-Cain was on hand to capture the action.

Ahead of the return of the policing bill to Parliament today (July 5), hundreds of activists in Bristol and Brighton came out to demonstrate against proposed legislation which includes clauses granting the police far reaching powers that campaigners say will suppress the right to protest.

The Bill also includes clauses that campaigners say will target the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities. In Bristol, several hundred protestors marched through the city, briefly halting traffic on the M32. The crowd marched through the city’s shopping centres before ending the demonstration in a sit down outside Bridewell police station that was the site of explosive protests against the bill in March.

In Brighton, photographer Andy Nall-Cain captured the action as around 100 protestors marched around the city. Brief sit-in’s occurred across key junctions in the city centre as well as outside the city’s central police station before ending at the Level.

Today there are demonstrations against the bill planned in Central London. Follow along for updates over on our Twitter.

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