Neo-Nazis and racists tried to march through London this weekend

Neo-Nazis and racists tried to march through London this weekend

The racists return — A small number of racist thugs took to the streets of London this weekend in an attempt to spread fear and hatred in the capital. As per usual, anti-fascist protestors showed up in bigger numbers to try and shut it down.

It was sunny in London this weekend, the weather pulling people out of their houses into the parks, shops and cafes that keep the capital buzzing. But there was another surefire signal suggesting it’s nearly summer in Britain; far-right racists were back on our streets.


Meeting in Trafalgar Square and making their way down Whitehall, a ramshackle bunch of white-supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and slightly tipsy racist thugs set out to make Britain great again.

With a heavy police presence and very few actual racists turning up, it wasn’t hard for the anti-fascists – holding a counter protest – to make sure the racist marchers knew they weren’t welcome in the capital and don’t represent the way Londoners feel.

Photographer Theo McInnes headed along to capture the marching and the shouting.

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