Our pick of the best surf short films of 2016

Our pick of the best surf short films of 2016

Celebrating surf cinema — Entries are now open for London Surf / Film Festival’s Shorties strand, so we picked out our favourites.

Surf filmmaking is a game of simple ingredients: it’s just water crashing against the shore with people on boards using it to carry them along. But in the hands of the masters, and captured on film in the right way, it can become a heart-wrenchingly beautiful, transcendental and poetic experience.

London Surf / Film Festival exists to celebrate the best surf filmmaking and returns 22 September – 1 October 2016 for its sixth edition.

Voting is now open for their Shorties strand: homegrown surf films guaranteed to blow your mind – in five minutes or less.

After submissions rolled in from across the British Isles, the cream of British and Irish filmmaking talent are represented in the shortlisted 19 films, which showcase a variety of approaches to surfing – from pollution-fighters to road trippers, famous faces and adaptive rippers.

“The art of storytelling is at the heart of surf culture and, as writers, talking story is close to our hearts,” explains LS/FF Director Demi Taylor. “We founded The Shorties in 2011 to showcase the wealth of creativity on our shores and since it’s inception Shorties films and their filmmakers have gone on to make an impact on the global stage.”

To encourage you to get out and vote for your favourites, we’ve pulled out our top five from the 2016 Shorties.

Mistakes Made… Are Lessons Learnt

Directed by Peter Conroy and Kev L. Smith, Mistakes Made … Are Lessons Learnt looks at big wave water safety through the eyes of the Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club. Established nearly ten years ago, the club exists to train experienced jetski drivers and share the experiences they’ve gained to make surfing safer for all.

Call Me Peg Leg

Peg Leg is a one-legged chef, traveller and one of the UK’s most exciting surfers. This short profile is part of a documentary series for Channel 4 exploring how people are use their bespoke prosthetic limbs to express themselves creatively. Featuring Pegleg Rik Bennett and directed by Josh Hine.

Ewen, The Organic Surfer

Freelance filmmaker and photographer Ella Kite introduces us to Ewen Willis, who started surfing in the sixties and is still living an enviable lifestyle – riding waves and living off the land.


Irish based globe trotting Aussie charger Noah Lane takes on the raw beauty of Ireland’s finest reefs and points. Directed by Andrew Kaineder and Noah Lane.

Don’t Neglect The Balls

Cornish surfer and creative Martin Jackson is also known by his Adventures In Lo-Fi moniker, where by he produces a vast array of wave sliding steeds from unexpected sources. Here Martin tackles the problem of plastic marine pollution with a radical and bonkers solution.

Watch all shortlisted films and cast your votes for the best Shorties over at London Surf / Film Festival. Voting is open until midnight on Thursday 8th September 2016.

London Surf / Film Festival returns for its sixth edition 22 September – 1 October 2016.

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