Pity Sex share their influences and inspirations

Pity Sex share their influences and inspirations

Things That Inspire Me — Ed Templeton, Kim Gordon, Curt Kirkwood and others, inspire Ann Arbor indie rockers Pity Sex.

Ann Arbor indie rockers Pity Sex scoop prizes both for the catchiness of their name and the honesty with which it depicts what the band are all about: songs about how the carnal act affects self-pitying people.

After Pity Sex played a crazy six shows at SXSW, we caught up with singer and guitarist Brennan Greaves. Brennan also works as graphic designer and has created the band’s identity, as well as for his other band Senpai.

Things That Inspire Me

All of the people I have listed below as inspiration share a common thread. To me, they all live their lives the only way they seem to know how, by viewing the world through their unique creative lens and moving through it with compassion but also without compromising their integrity. All of these people are self-starters; individuals who live well-examined lives and create their own paths. They inspire me because they find solace within their art and express themselves genuinely in every aspect of their lives.

Curt Kirkwood

Kim Gordon

Ed Templeton

Jeff Zuck

Jeff Zuck tattoo

Liz Fraser

Check out Pity Sex and catch their UK tour through May and June 2015.