Video: Skating through a waterpark on lockdown

Video: Skating through a waterpark on lockdown

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Quarter pipes on the water pipes — What do you do when it’s time to drain a waterpark of hundreds of thousands of litres of water and shut it down for maintenance? Invite three world-class skateboarders in for some epic dry runs and slides, of course.

Finding new and exciting places to skate is always a struggle, but it’s all part of the game for die-hard skateboarders. From old Spanish churches to abandoned railways, the world can be your skatepark if you only look hard enough.

P-20160408-00242_News(1)So when pro-skaters Alessandro SorgenteMilton Martinez and Jan Hoffmann got invited to a shut down waterpark in Dubai to throw down some tricks, they were pretty quick to take up the offer.

P-20160408-00216_NewsCarving out 17 beachfront hectares of waterscape at Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, this trio of intrepid skateboarders took to the temporarily dry slopes of Atlantis to make some concrete waves – quarter pipes on the water pipes.

P-20160408-00256_NewsCheck out the video above.

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