Spots Outside The Box — O'Neill's #RideMore Tumblr lets you share photos of dream city spots - places, objects, rails and mega stair-sets that make you want to get out and ride. To celebrate this call to action, we dug into the HUCK archives for photos of rad DIY spots featured over the years.

City life has always been a double-edged sword for snowboarders and surfers who love the mountains and the beach but can’t give up the hustle and flow of the streets. Whether you get away for a season or a trip, you’re always left wishing you had a local spot you could session before getting suited up or putting pens down. In fact, like a mirage in a concrete desert, you start to see the brutalist architecture of modern metropolises like the transitions and pockets of a great wave or powdery run.

Inspired by those who take a sideways sliding attitude to all kinds of situations, O’Neill has launched a new campaign #RideMore – an open invitation for all riders to join in and enjoy the ride in every possible way.

All you have to do is Tweet or Instagram a picture of your dream city shred spot with the hashtags #RideMore and the city name (e.g. #LONDON) and you’ll be featured on the #RideMore Tumblr in a gallery of potential playgrounds. What’s more, O’Neill will reward the most imaginative and creative entries with free gear and pop-up events.

O’Neill team riders Seb Toots, David Wise, Max Parrott, Frederik Evensen, Erica Langman and Veronique Picard may have set the bar pretty high with their freestyle edit through snowy Montreal but the possibilities are endless. “Most people that stop by London’s famous Trafalgar Square visit the National Art Gallery or gaze at the amazing old architecture surrounding the various tourist attractions,” says Frederik. “When I’m at the square, this particular kinked rail always seems to grab my attention. It’s a super long rail that goes across four sets of steps, and it would be a great spot to shoot a sequenced photo of me sliding the rail and doing a switch up in between, with the crowded square in it and the National Art Gallery all lit up in the background.”

To kick things off, O’Neill hosted The Shoreditch Showdown, a ski and snowboard comp in the heart of East London, on November 21, featuring UK riders including Sparrow Knox, Angus Leith and Jamie Nicholls.

You can see highlights on O’Neill UK’s Facebook page.