Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema

  • Text by HUCK HQ
Back To The Future & Other Films We Wanna Get Inside — If you could hop in the movie screen for any film ever what would it be? Secret Cinema is bringing all the classics to life.

It’s official, everyone wants to live inside a movie.

When Secret Cinema released the first batch of tickets for their immersive screening experience of ’80s sci-fi classic Back To The Future at the beginning of June they sold 42,000 tickets in four hours. We’re just not satisfied with watching the action anymore, we want to be a part of it.

Luckily, Secret Cinema are releasing a new batch of tickets so act quick and you too will be able to channel your inner hoverboard over milkshakes while wearing Nikes that may or may not self-lace.

In the spirit of cinematic transfiguration here are some more movies we really wish they’d bring to life so we can go ham on a bit of retro role-play.

Boogie Nights

Paul Thomas Anderson’s second feature film is a surreal visual poem of porn, polaroids and pool parties in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley during the industry’s golden age and the proliferation of Disco. Sup an Amaretto Sour, take your clothes off, and do the boogaloo.


Who doesn’t want to ride jet-skis, shoot guns and get to look like a steampunk for 135 minutes? Most people, probably. But for everyone else dust off your eye patches and practice your best Dennis Hopper, shit’s about to get native.

The Warriors

If we sell enough tickets for this one can we please evacuate New York for a night so we can run around the Big Apple in hundreds of waistcoat-wearing packs and ride carnie rollercoasters with big sticks that are on fire? Alternatively, just post up in Devon during fireworks night and you’ll see exactly the same thing.

Being John Malkovich

Can the wizards who make the internet please make a portal into someone’s head already? I would prefer someone a bit more illuminati but in fidelity to this Spike Jonze classic we will suffer being bald for one night.

You can buy tickets to the Back To The Future Secret Cinema here.