Good news! There’s a new skate bowl in central London

Good news! There’s a new skate bowl in central London

You can now shred in Selfridges — Created by sports and lifestyle agency Mighty Mighty, the bowl, which is located in the Selfridges store on Oxford Street, operates as a literal embodiment of skate’s entanglement with the fashion world.

By now, skateboarding’s relationship with fashion is common knowledge. While subcultures across the world have long found themselves entangled with the fashion industry, few have infiltrated in the way that skate has.  

In that sense, it feels wholly appropriate that there’s a new skate bowl opening in Selfridge’s London, which serves as a literal embodiment of the way in which skate culture has entangled itself within the world of high fashion.

Created by sports and lifestyle agency Mighty Mighty – in collaboration with designers Brinkworth and ramp builders FourOneFour – it’s housed on the store’s first floor, within the newly opened “Designer Street Room.” 

“Skateboarding and fashion have always been bedfellows and while skating traditionally shunned the advances of of big labels and institutions, the last few years have seen a coming together that embraces legitimacy in a way we haven’t seen before,” said Phil Young, founder of Mighty Mighty.

“Brands are realising that there is a wealth of talent and creativity in skateboarding and are working with skaters as equals, rather than merely poaching elements of the culture for their own ends.”

In and among the perpetual cycle of grim forecasts and dystopian developments, it’s a welcome slice of Good News: London’s skateboarders have a new place to shred, Selfridge’s has an exciting new cultural hub, while skate and fashion can continue on their elongated honeymoon, hand in hand.


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