The Skateboarding Special

The Skateboarding Special

Free To Download Now! — A new spin-off issue of Huck that celebrates skateboarding in many different dimensions.

‘Transformations’ is the first volume of The Huck Skateboarding Special – an exclusive spin-off to Huck magazine supported by Levi’s Skateboarding and it’s now free to download from the link above.

In this edition, we explore the places that skateboarding leads you – from the dirt tracks of Bolivia to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest – and the ways in which it can shape who you are.

The skateboarders in Transformations – who are also artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, writers, woodworkers, explorers and activists – herald a new creative generation changing the game from the ground up; from the disenfranchised London youth who are channelling their energy into frontline activism, to the skate converts in Bangalore, India, who are building parks to keep their new culture alive

Transformations documents these skateboarders at important junctures in their journeys, telling their stories in insightful and experimental ways.

We hope you enjoy it.