Escape to the wild — New film series Ahead aims to fuse skateboarding, travel and discovery like you’ve never seen before.

Tired of the screech of polyurethane on sun-bleached concrete? Starting to feel like you’ve seen the same schoolyard bench for the hundredth time? If epic vistas, rolling valleys and winding country lanes are more your style, then look no further than Ahead.

German filmmakers Daniel Mildner and Dennis Götz headed to Scotland to shoot the first episode of their new series with rising skate talent Markus Blessing taking centre stage. They hope Ahead will be a new kind of skateboarding film, with travel and discovery at its heart.

“We wanted to combine wanderlust with skateboarding,” Daniel explains. “We tried to capture tricks in the most beautiful landscapes on earth and through the narration we want to tell the story of each country through Markus’ eyes.”

With its atmospheric, poetic intro and rain, lots of rain, Ahead: Scotland feels more like a vibes-y surf movie than a gritty schoolyard edit. Markus cruises through some pristine countryside, blending into nature and doing what he does best in refreshingly different scenery than your average skate movie.

Daniel and Dennis want to break out of the city again and head into more unexplored terrain so are looking for support to develop the series. If you want to see more of Ahead, hit them up and help make it happen.

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