SoCal punk royalty hit Sicily

SoCal punk royalty hit Sicily

Dust and sweat — The Adolescents play Catania’s squatted cultural centre, CSO Auro.

The Adolescents have gone through multiple breakups, makeups, and lineup changes after they first hooked up in 1980. But following their reunion getting back together for a twentieth anniversary tour in 2001, Tony Cadena, Steve Soto, Dan Root, Gilbert Picardo and Mike Cambra have been on the road pretty much ever since.

This summer’s European tour saw the SoCal punk royalty descend on Sicily to play Catania’s squatted cultural centre CSO Auro. Photographer Claudio Majorana was deep in the mosh pit as the pogoing fans filled the air with dust from the courtyard’s dirt floor.

“That show was great perfect example of a great audience,” guitarist Dan Root said. “The pit kicked up a lot of dirt, our gear was filthy. It looked like we were using smoke machines, but it was all dirt!”

Check out The Adolescents and photographer Claudio Majorana. @ClaudioMajorana