Pop Pop Pop, Old St., Episode #3 — Robbie Wilkinson from Puck Collective takes the seat in our third 'Station Sessions' episode – insights into creativity, presented by Huck.

For the third episode in our Station Sessions series – live dispatches from our Pop Pop Pop pop-up gallery/shop in Old Street station featuring Satta, Puck Collective and The Photocopy Club – we catch up with Robbie Wilkinson from Puck Collective.

Station Sessions are ten-minute conversations with creatives hosted at Pop Pop Pop and broadcast through the Huck website. Tackling contemporary questions like, ‘What’s selling out?’ and giving advice to young upstarts looking to get into the game, Station Sessions will deliver quick, insightful lunchtime digests to your desktop.

Pop Pop Pop brings three strands of Huck magazine’s interests to life – photography, craft, and illustration – and is a six-day celebration of DIY culture in the belly of one of London’s busiest Underground stations, Old Street, Shoreditch.

You can visit Pop Pop Pop until Saturday May 24 at 4pm.