Street art trailblazer Kid Acne’s new show opens in Copenhagen

Street art trailblazer Kid Acne’s new show opens in Copenhagen

Things That Inspire Me — The birth of hip hop, lost civilisations and Quentin Blake are just some of the things that inspire artist Kid Acne.

Kid Acne is an artist, illustrator, print-maker and sometime MC from Lilongwe, Malawi who grew up under the grey skies of the East Midlands.

Huck caught up with the spotty-faced wunderkind and street art legend as his show All Hail Glycon goes on show at Copenhagen’s Limited Works gallery, until November 1.

Things That Inspire Me

The Birth Of Hip Hop


This mural was painted in conjunction with The Festival Of The Mind in Sheffield. FOTM is curated by Professor Vanessa Toulmin of the National Fairground Archive. One strand of the festival teams up academics from The University of Sheffield with makers and practitioners from the city. My unlikely collaboration is with Dr Katie Edwards who is currently researching the use and significance of religious imagery within popular culture. After seeing The Birth of Hip-Hop illustration I did some time ago, I was commissioned to paint the mural last week, which has been accompanied by a talk and Q&A at The Spiegeltent.


Lost Civilisations


I take inspiration from all over the place, though I’m particularly interested in theories of alternate history and lost civilisations. I’ve been watching documentaries and reading books by Graham Hancock, John Anthony West and Robert Bauval. All of which are informing my studio practice, both visually and lyrically.




I’ve always been inspired by Ramm:Ell:Zee. His artwork, music and Ionic Treatise are all well worth checking. I think his analogy of wildstyle graffiti and illuminated scriptures are very interesting. I feel honoured and humbled to have met him and talked about his theories for a minute. Big up New Flesh. Rest in Panzerism!


Quentin Blake


Although I found my feet through painting graffiti as a teenager, with everything said and done – the real inspiration for my style comes from the work of Quentin Blake. I love the simplicity and rawness of his work. He and Roald Dahl were the perfect partnership in my view.




I would say traveling is the most rewarding thing to have come out of what I do. I feel very fortunate to have visited so many places around the world and to have met all these different people. Even the bad times become good times in the end. I always feel inspired after I’ve been away.




I couldn’t work without music. Good music definitely helps me to switch off and get into the zone when I’m working. I’m currently enjoying the likes of Mndsgn, Strange U, Burgundy Blood and Jonwayne. I am also working on a new album and a couple of EPs due for release in the near future under the name Mongrels.

Check out Kid Acne’s All Hail Glycon show at Limited Works, Copenhagen until November 1.