Best Canadian Brands

Best Canadian Brands

  • Text by HUCK HQ
The Good Stuff — A selection of our favourite Canadian brands.

As the cold weather sets in throughout the northern hemisphere, where better to look than Canada to learn how to keep warm and stay looking rad? They’re not just a nation who know everything there is to know about living in harsh climates, but they’ve been throwing out some of our favourite brands for some time now. Huck felt it was only right they got the attention they deserve, so here are our five best Canadian brands.

Canada Goose
Cold weather is in Canada Goose’s blood. Founded in a small Toronto warehouse in 1957, they’ve been keeping Canadians warm and dry for over five decades. All production is carried out on home soil because coping with extreme weather is a big part of the national experience. These guys are specialised in keeping design simple and performance high. Wear it.

Toronto based Muttonhead like to keep it local. They guarantee sustainable, fair-trade practices throughout the supply chain and see their ‘slow design’ ethos as an antidote to ‘fast fashion’, but that’s not to say Muttonhead aren’t constantly pushing things forward. They bring an inventive and fresh approach to their outdoor-exploration-inspired collections. Wear it.

Raised by Wolves
Raised by Wolves forego the rustic outdoors aesthetic of many other Canadian brands, preferring a crisp, urban vibe instead. Hailing from Montreal, they drop street wear with a fierce bite and we’re yet to find a better Watchman beanie. Wear it.

Reigning Champ
Reigning Champ’s philosophy is all about simplicity: handcrafting garments for quality and strength from original fabrics. Born in Vancouver, they draw their inspiration from the people and places around them on Canada’s West Coast. And there is yet to be anyone who can touch them when it comes to twill terry basics. Wear it.

Wings + Horns
Based out of  Vancouver, Wings + Horns have been making high-quality tees, shirts and sweatshirts since 2004. Their ethos is Canadian aesthetic combined with Japanese quality. To us that’s good fit, good looking, hardwearing. They are also masters in minimal branding. Wear it.