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Three Kings of Bangkok — Thailand’s most committed Elvis impersonators perform together to honour the 39th anniversary of The King’s death.

If you look at the extravagant, jewel-encrusted jumpsuits that Elvis Presley shook his hips in during the Seventies, you’ll see an uncanny resemblance to traditional Thai dress.

Or, at least that’s the theory of Jibb Vasu Sansingkaew, Thailand’s most celebrated Elvis impersonator.

Jibb Vasu has performed as the King of Rock and Roll for the Thai Royal family and the King of Spain, but his biggest performance is yet to come.

The Three Kings of Bangkok are Jibb Vasu, Arthur Husian and Jaruek Viriyakit, Thailand’s most devoted Elvis impersonators.

August 16 could be the greatest event of their lives: rubber-legging together for the first time, to commemorate the 39th anniversary of Presley’s death.

Are they feeling the pressure? Of course not.

“When you get up on stage, you don’t care how many people are there,” Arthur explains. “Elvis Presley is in your body. You start to have the power of The King.”

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The Three Kings of Bangkok is directed by Alden Nusser

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