• Text by HUCK HQ
Stand #withSyria — On the fourth anniversary of the Syrian conflict, a major new campaign has been launched to find peace and halt civilian suffering.

Four years after the Syrian conflict began in 2011 there is no end in sight.

The civil war engulfing the country has killed over 200,000 people, prevented 3 million children from attending school and forced 10 million people to flee their homes.

Numbers this large can be hard to grasp but a striking illustration of the suffering inflicted comes from satellite photos that show 83% of the country has been plunged into darkness.

It’s time to stand with Syria.

On the fourth anniversary of the conflict, a coalition of international charities including Oxfam, Amnesty and the International Rescue Committee have released this video and a petition to urge world leaders to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict, end civilian suffering and boost humanitarian aid.

Find out more about the #withSyria campaign, sign the petition or share the video to spread the word.