Two Scoops

Two Scoops

The Finished Film — Check out Robert Rodriguez’s action-packed new short film created in collaboration with Blackberry and hundreds of contributors all over the world.

After months of creative collaboration, the new Robert Rodriguez film Two Scoops is finally available to watch in its entirety on BlackBerry’s Keep Moving Project website.

Rodriguez invited members of the public to contribute to the film by tweeting suggestions for fantastical weapons, drawing gruesome monsters, acting key scenes or even appearing on ‘Missing Persons’ posters. Hundreds of people got involved from all over the world and the finished film is a candy-coloured melting pot of creativity.

Says Rodriguez: “What I love about collaborating is you don’t always know what the other person’s going to bring you. You’re just looking for a great idea. And so many come in, so quickly. It’s a great way to interact with the audience. By giving up a portion of the film to this unknown element, it became a wonderful creative experience…”

The film had a double premiere at our gallery 71a; the first night was hosted by our sister mag Little White Lies and The Guardian – and included a creative masterclass in Illustration For Beginners – and the second night was hosted by HUCK and The Guardian – and included a panel discussion on creative collaboration. Robert Rodriguez also participated in a Q&A, via a live BBM Video link, for both events.

Says Rodriguez: “I think the future of filmmaking is all around us already. So I’m excited and I hope to be a part of it. And hope my audience is a part of it too. I think we can come up with something new. The manipulation of images to tell a story, that’s movie-making, whether you use a computer, use a film, or use crowdsourcing. When people try something like this in the future they’ll be able to point to this film and say, ‘Yes they did it on Two Scoops, that’s what gave us the idea.’”