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Cruising through Camberwell — Check out this video profile of Sam Taylor, one of the twenty artists and photographers involved in transatlantic skate art initiative the LB Project.

“I’ve basically been drawing my whole life,” Sam Taylor explains. “The reason I do it as a job now is that I wanted to live in London and skate. Then it just blossomed.”

Sam is a London-based illustrator who attacks the big topics of the day with satire through his surreal, technicolour ’90s cartoon style. His off-the-wall cast of characters have graced the pages of VICE, Pitchfork, Wired, and The Guardian.

Now Sam has teamed up with the LB Project, a transatlantic art initiative that aims to bind the skate community together and raise funds for the Harold Hunter Foundation and Skateistan. In this short edit, Sam invites the LB project into his studio in Camberwell, South London to talk about his work – and how art was his ticket out of Leicester.

Sam joins a talented roster of artists involved. Together with ten skate photographers, including Brian Gaberman and Ben Colen, each photographer and artist will create original images over five blank decks, which will then be auctioned, with the proceeds going to the supported charities. Stay locked for more videos in which we meet more of the people involved.

Find out more about the LB Project.

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