Sideburn x Deus Ex Machina — Europe’s finest custom motorbikes go head-to-head around a hazardous icy track high in the Italian Alps. This is the notorious Dirt Quake - on ice.

Indie motorbike magazine Sideburn have built a huge following with their mental Dirt Quake events over the last few years.

The rules are simple: go fast, turn left. But they’ve built up a hilariously raucous event that attracts some of the most out-there bikers and inappropriate racing machines: think tuned-up pizza bikes, motorised pies and snowmobiles.

For the first time, they’ve just thrown a winter edition: Snow Quake. In collaboration with Deus Ex Machina, Sideburn invited the finest custom bikes and their fearless pilots from across Europe to throw it down on a treacherous icy track high in the Italian Alps.

Stay locked to Sideburn for more news on Dirt Quake, which returns to the US and UK this summer.

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