Life and death in the car-crash capital of the world — Visceral short profiles the freelance reporters who cover crime and grisly road accidents in Cambodia’s capital.
  • Text by HUCK HQ

If you see what these guys see on a nightly basis, you might rethink stepping outdoors after dark.

Phnom Penh’s freelance reporters estimate a majority of drivers are drunk, which contributes to the city’s reputation as the car-crash capital of the world. More people are killed on Cambodia’s roads than die of HIV.

Directed by Max Cutting, James Dougan & Dan Ridgeon, Nightcrawlers of Phnom Penh meets the fearless journalists for whom documenting the aftermath of brutal crimes and horrific road accidents is what sees them from paycheque to paycheque.

But in the rush to be first on the scene and closest to the action, they run ever greater risks – it’s only a matter of time the odds catch up with them too.

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