Become a 'Citizen of Skateistan' — Groundbreaking NGO Skateistan has shown how skateboarding can be a force for social change in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Now they need your help to keep moving forward.

Take a look at your skateboard. Bet you’ve never seen it as a powerful tool for social change, have you?

But the truth is skateboarding has allowed the world-renowned NGO Skateistan to reach at-risk young people in places like Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Through innovative social programmes built around skateboarding, they’ve helped thousands of young people to learn, become role models and find a positive community in which to grow, skate and just have fun.

Skateistan have huge ambitions for 2016 and they need your help to make them happen. To help fund two new projects and allow them to grow their reach to over 2,000 young people worldwide, they’re hoping to raise $100,000 in December 2015.

For the first time, you can help them reach their goal by taking a more active role in the project and becoming a ‘Citizen of Skateistan’ with monthly donations. To find out more, check out the video above, edited by filmmaker Ty Evans, and featuring Skateistan’s community of students and staff, alongside skaters Tony Hawk, Jamie Thomas, and Mimi Knoop.

“Skateboarding brings people together because it is the great equaliser,” explains pro skateboarder and Skateistan Ambassador, Tony Hawk. “You have no advantage given your background, your economics or your location. It’s more about; here is a skateboard, what can you do with it?”

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