“I just didn’t stop” — Check out this video profile of Mr Penfold, one of the twenty artists and photographers involved in transatlantic skate art initiative the LB Project.

“Pretty much most of my life has happened because of skateboarding,” explains artist Mr Penfold.

Born in Cambridge, he moved to Bristol for the city’s famously healthy balance of work, play and party – and it’s awesome skate and graffiti scenes.

“Most of the people [in Bristol] that skate also paint graffiti, so they go hand in hand,” he explains.

Mr Penfold is the latest artist to be featured in the LB Project, a transatlantic art initiative that aims to bind the skate community together and raise funds for the Harold Hunter Foundation and Skateistan.

Together with ten skate photographers, including Brian Gaberman and Ben Colen, each photographer and artist pair will create original images over five blank decks, which will then be auctioned, with the proceeds going to the supported charities.

The next LB Project group show will be in Tampa at The Boardr, Friday, March 4, 6-9 pm.

Find out more about the LB Project.

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