Alaska Bound and Down — Five skaters take on the vast and surreal landscape of Alaska in a breathtaking short film.

The far north is weird – the horizon seems bigger, the wilderness seems untouched. You feel like you’re at the edge of the world – and not in some wanky poetic way – it really does seem like there’s nothing.

Cities up north stick out like a sore thumb – bears are always wandering into town looking for scraps, building materials are always being damaged by the cold temperatures. Even the sun fights back.

“The long days get to you, just because you never see darkness” skater Justin Brock says in Alaska Bound and Down, the new video produced by Red Bull following a skate tour across the northernmost U.S. state. The first city in the video is Juneau, which, according to the trip’s photographer Jonathan Mehring, has never been visited during a pro-skate tour.

Stephen Marino, the filmmaker behind the vid, released a director’s cut this week. The full skate team is composed of Brock, Bobby Worrest, Daryl Angel, Marius Syvanen, and Thaynan Costa. The crew goes from the capital city of Juneau to Fairbanks, and then Anchorage, facing mosquitos and crumbling concrete in the oil-rich state.

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