Make the most of every minute — David is a kite surfing pensioner, determined to live every moment as if it was his last.

“It’s like flying on a cloud,” explains David, a 77 year old kite surfer from the UK. “If heaven’s like this I’d be very happy to go. You’re out there and you’re just oblivious to the problems in life.”

After his wife became ill and died just two days later, David took the decision to make the most of every moment. He began spending as much of his time as possible travelling and threw himself into kiting, windsurfing, skiing and snowboarding.

David has been wind surfing for forty years and kite surfing for the last seven or eight. His lust for life gives him an energy that would put most people a quarter of his age to shame and his hunger to keep paddling is inspiring to all.

The 77 Year Old Kite Surfer is the first of three short films by James Callum and Alex Knowles in Prime & Fire Selects – an annual competition that supports emerging filmmakers to make short documentaries on interesting people in the action sports world.

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