Andrew Reynolds ‘Polaroids’ in London

Andrew Reynolds ‘Polaroids’ in London

Photography exhibition at Huck’s 71a Gallery — “The Boss” broke open his Polaroid archive for the very first time outside the US.

On Thursday, October 30, Huck teamed up with Altamont Apparel and Jura Whisky to present the first ever exhibition of Andrew Reynolds’ photography in Europe at our 71a Gallery in Shoreditch.

For anyone who’s enjoyed watching Reynolds nail huge kickflips and insane gaps over the last two decades, his Polaroid archive reveals an insight into the personal life of “The Boss”.

Reynolds’ point and shoot camera captured the legends – like Lizard King and Antwuan Dixon – who passed through his house and the mad times went down.

Thanks to everyone that came to the show and to Jura and Karma Cola for providing the drinks.

Head over to Facebook for a gallery of photos from the event.