Huck's best music videos of the month

Huck's best music videos of the month

A not so dry January — Spinning in South Africa, a walk through the heart of grime territory and oozings of fake blood, from Massive Attack, Kano, Metz and more.

January has been super busy for new releases – music videos included. Take a look at the selection below

Massive Attack, Tricky & 3D – Take It There

Wow, we’ve all been here, haven’t we? Stumbling out of the bar after a long night out, just trying to get home – next thing you know, a pack of shadowy contemporary dancers surrounds you and starts dancing in time with your shaky steps. Just an average Thursday night for Massive Attack, Tricky, and 3D.

Yeasayer – I Am Chemistry

Very weird and freaky video to accompany a new head-bobber by Yeasayer. Some serious world-building going on here for the Brooklynites single off their upcoming album Amen & Goodbye, which is out in April

Tiggs Da Author ft. Lady Leshurr – Run

Something called “spinning” is really big in South Africa’s townships: it’s like suburban kids doing donuts except not at all, because you’re perched outside of the car. Tiggs Da Author is smiling the whole time.

Savages – Adore Life

Savages‘ new video is one super intense slow burn. Lead singer Jenny Beth is able to translate the energy of the band’s live performance into this vid with these really small gestures and movements in her face. This video is stripped down and great.

Metz – Eraser

Superbly well edited new video from Metz for their new EP which was released this month. There’s also a great dog in the video so props to that.

Kano ft. Giggs – 3 Wheel-ups

Kano’s new album is going to be heavy. JME, Wiley, Giggs, Rustie, Damon Albarn and more. ‘3 Wheel-Ups’ (ft Giggs) is one of the singles – the video is shot on Roman Road in East London. Check out our profile on Kano in the upcoming issue of Huck.

Grimes – Kill V. Maim

‘Kill V. Maim’ is a trip. There’s a nod to Tank Girl, tons of fake blood, and a pretty serious bow and arrow. Very visual.

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