Don Letts and Ed Templeton on a life of rebellion

Don Letts and Ed Templeton on a life of rebellion

Joining The Dots — In the latest instalment of the Spaces In-Between Podcast, the Rebel Dread sits down with the artist, photographer and skating pioneer to talk all things subcultural.

Don Letts and Ed Templeton are like-minded rebels.

When it comes to the significance of their radical impact, neither require any kind of introduction. Letts, a subcultural standard-bearer for the past 40 years, with a slice of everything interesting, from punk to funk, reggae to soul; Templeton, an artist, photographer and skate icon.

For the latest episode of Joining The Dots, a new podcast from Spaces In-Between presented by the Rebel Dread, the two sat down to talk all things punk, skate and beyond. From Letts recalling the days in which he’d sell weed to Bob Marley, to the story of how Templeton founded Toy Machine, get yourself comfortable and sit back as the pair recall a life of unadulterated rebellion.

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