The Working Artisans' Club 2014 — In 1952, Jack O'Neill invented the wetsuit so that he could stay in the water longer. His simple ambition led to an extraordinary future, both for himself and the surfing world as a whole. The Working Artisans' Club is the next chapter in that story - a celebration of modern makers, artisans and innovative craftfolk that will culminate in exhibitions in Germany and London. Throughout the year we'll be profiling makers from across Europe in a series of short films on the website and articles in the magazine.

Cigar-box guitars first became popular during the Great Depression when people couldn’t afford to buy instruments and made their own with whatever they could find lying around.

Eight decades later, Pat Hammett and Tom Drummond are tapping into that Southern tradition from afar and crafting beautiful cigar-box guitars for a new generation passionate about the Blues music they both adore.

In their Bristol workshop, Tom builds the body of the guitar and the neck, while Pat adds the strings and gives each instrument a unique handcrafted finish.

The Working Artisans’ Club is presented by Huck and O’Neill.

The Working Artisans’ Club 2014 group show and workshops kick off in Munich, 16-19 October. Find out more here.