Rollerskates and sunshine in Daniel Soares' new video — The noble art of rollerskating is still alive and well in San Francisco. Director Daniel Soares captures the characters on eight wheels in his new video.

Apart from Sideshow Mel and the Speedo Guy in Bob’s Burgers, rollerskating isn’t as popular as it once was. Director Daniel Soares wants to tell a different story in his new video ‘Totally Free’, though. In a park in San Francisco, he catches up a group of skaters that have been getting together for years, asking each of them about their histories and their love for their sport. There’s a guy called Morpheus — who does actually look like The Matrix’s red and blue pill dispenser, a man who picked up skates because of OJ Simpson, and one character who likes to “smoke a joint and spin around fifty times.”

It’s a cool celebration of left-field culture and it’s a nice pick-me-up. Check it out above.