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Huck x Element — Escaping the city and the light that pollutes the night sky, Element and Griffin Studio collaborate on The Black Sky Project.

Look up into the night sky. What do you see? Too often, light pollution from cities obscures all but the brightest stars and the night sky looks like a murky grey, at best.

But after designer Jeff Griffin moved Griffin Studio’s base from London to the rural creative hub of Loveland Farm on the Devon/Cornwall border, he looks up with an unspoilt view of the night – with the stars shining out from a powerful black sky.


It was this contrast that got Jeff thinking about the differences between city and rural life, and led to the Black Sky Project – a collaboration with Element.

The capsule collection composed of technical jackets, backpacks and also a special pair of Element Donnelly is designed to be worn in both the city and the outdoors – or “from the hoods to the woods”, in the words of Jeff.


The collection incorporates outdoor utilitarian design elements with urban versatility, without compromising a tailored/minimalistic aesthetic – elevating the collaboration at the forefront of technical urban outerwear.

For Element, Griffin Studio were natural collaborators on the project. Griffin is a British brand renowned for high quality finishes, craftsmanship, creative flair and superb manufacturing capabilities. Griffin designs with fresh ideas and mixes up sportswear, high fashion and military influences.


Find out more about the Element x Griffin Studio Black Sky Project.

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