Everybody Street 71a Screening

Everybody Street 71a Screening

A Documentary by Cheryl Dunn — Exclusive screening of Everybody Street, an NYC street photography documentary, at our gallery 71a in Shoreditch, London.

“A lot of street photography is intense. It’s heavy. But that’s reality. Whether you acknowledge it and look at it or not, it doesn’t go away. It’s there. And reality is beautiful, it’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s light, it’s all of those things. And that’s the way the street is. That’s the way New York is and any big city really. Just so many different people. And that’s why it’s awesome.”

To celebrate the launch of Issue 43, featuring subversive street shooter Boogie on the cover, Huck is screening iconic documentarian Cheryl Dunn’s new photography film Everybody Street on Wednesday March 26, 6.30pm, 71a Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS.

Featuring pioneers of the genre like Bruce Gilden, Mary Ellen Mark and Bruce Davidson, Everybody Street is an inspired exploration of the birth of street photography as a genre and its prolific evolution in the storied sidewalks of New York City.

You can get a ticket from the Everybody Street eventbrite.

“The power of any picture for me is the realness of it. Can you get the shot without the person knowing? Can you catch them off guard? Can you capture the real moment?”

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