Follow these photographers on Instagram to see the Ukraine conflict unfiltered

Follow these photographers on Instagram to see the Ukraine conflict unfiltered

Another view of war — Photojournalist Anastasia Vlasova has documented the conflict breaking her country apart since she was just seventeen. Here’s who she follows on Instagram.

Ukrainian photographer Anastasia Vlasova cut her teeth on the frontlines, covering her first protest when she was just seventeen. At twenty-two, she’s witnessed a revolution and the grief of war. She’s won international awards, is a 2015 Magnum Foundation Human Rights and Photography Fellow at NYU and is fast emerging as one of our generation’s most talented photojournalists.

In Huck’s Documentary Photography Special III, she revealed her personal experience of covering the Euromaidan protests and Ukraine’s descent into civil war. She explained it’s the people she met – and loved – along the way that have taught her lessons of a lifetime.

We asked Anastasia (@sia_vlasova) who to follow on Instagram for a deeper understanding of the Ukraine conflict and the country it is tearing apart.

Evgeny Maloletka – @evgenymaloletka


Evgeny Maloletka is a Ukraine-based photojournalist and stringer for the Associated Press.

Brendan Hoffman – @hoffmanbrendan


Brendan Hoffman is a photographer at Prime Collective, currently based in Ukraine. In Huck’s Documentary Special II, Brendan related how covering Euromaidan created turmoil in his personal life.

Sergey Korovainyi – @sergeykorovainyi


Sergey Korovainyi is a Ukrainian photographer working on a documentary story about his hometown Khartsyzsk (Donbass), which is now under control of pro-Russian insurgents.

Emine Ziyatdinova – @emine_ziyatdinova


Emine Ziyatdinova is a Crimean-tatar photographer based in Ukraine, who is covering the situation in Russian-annexed Crimea, and the broader Ukraine conflict.

Pete Kiehart – @kiehart


© WFP/EU/Pete Kiehart

Pete Kiehart is an American photographer currently based in Ukraine, who is covering crisis in the East.

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